We Love to Experience. We Love to Explore. We Love To Show Others How To Follow In Our Footsteps.

Follow Courtney and Heather while they travel, experience, and explore. These two independent women make immersive travel abroad look easy – because it is! If they can do it, then so can you. Two Moms and a Car is about keeping it real and inspiring real people to partake in the rewards of international travel. In this unique series, they capture the “travel with a friend” experiences that change us – like any good adventure should. Two Moms and a Car is made by real women taking real trips to inspire you to do the same.

How real is it? One of the hosts has a genuine fear of flying, high places, and trying new things, but that is not stopping her travel buddy from showing her what she is missing. Time to kick off the excuses and take a trip with a good friend. Come along and follow in their footsteps or make your own!

Why Watch The Show?

  • Hosted by regular Moms, just like you.
  • Covers main stays as well as hidden treasures.
  • Made for real travelers to follow regardless of budget, gender, or age.
  • We keep the experience authentic so you know you can do it too.
  • One of the hosts has an intense fear of flying, high places, and trying new things (yet loves to travel).

Two Moms and a Car keeps the travel experience authentic. No staged fluff here!

Courtney and Heather make quite the team as they travel, film, teach, experience, and explore. Both have a gift for sharing what they have learned with others. In addition to the engaging educational content, their different personalities interact on camera in real travel situations that make for its own brand of entertainment.

Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell is a French and Spanish teacher and a mother of three. She lived and studied abroad during and after college, and has led numerous educational trips to Europe during her 20-year teaching career. She is a believer in the educational and developmental impacts on people traveling abroad, as their horizons are expanded, and their understanding of the wider world moves from textbooks and pictures to an unforgettable, life-changing experience.
Courtney Godsey
Producer / Co-Host

Courtney Godsey

Courtney Godsey, mother of four children, has produced and scripted the award-winning, internationally broadcast TV series Fun Food Adventures. The show was broadcast to 129 million households in the US and to 3 billion households worldwide. The series led the ratings on the host network for several years and drew in a diverse age group of viewers due to the superb scripting that appealed to both children and adults. Courtney has worked behind the camera for over 15 years and has an extensive background in travel logistics and resource management.

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