Our program is a 30 minute show, but we have a few quick sample clips here.

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The Two Moms and a Car series intro gives a quick glance at some of the experiences captured by the show as well as the show’s message of empowering women to be free, to be independent, and to go travel. (1 min)
In this quick interview, Courtney and Heather share some of the highs and lows of travel – all part of keeping it real. They also mention how they like to prank each other with foods that challenge their pallets. (2.5 min)
Courtney and Heather get very up close and personal with wild puffins on the edge of the cliffs on Staffa Island – only accessible by boat, it is a rare treat. This clip shows some of the adventurous spirit of the hosts as well as some of their on camera chemistry. (2 min)
Even travel show hosts can get lost.  Their destination is not showing up on the GPS and they make a wrong turn in Scotland – only to be lead back to the right spot by quite an unusual occurrence. (2 min)
In this segment from Two Moms and a Car, Heather interviews the Duke of Argyll, the head of the clan Campbell, and gets a special tour of the amazing Inveraray Castle.  This is personally significant to Heather because she married into the Campbell family and now is getting a first hand glimpse into her own family heritage. (5 min)