Today we start our journey back home to our families. After giving our thanks and saying our goodbyes to Gail we left in search of a location to do our closing to the episode. It is always a struggle to find a place that is not only picturesque but quiet and in the right lighting. Our first stop was in the village of Mariemont. This 300+acre town was planned in the 20s by Mary Emery to resemble a Tudor village. That is exactly what it looks like. Of course the buildings are not crooked or leaning from standing for hundreds of years but it still gives one the feeling of being in Tudor England. The Mariemont Inn, located in the center of town, looks like a British hunting lodge complete with impressive stag heads in the lobby. Unfortunately, this little village is rather busy so we could not film our closing there, but it was certainly worth the quick visit.

We decided to try Chateau Laroche which was fairly close by.  This turned out to be perfect. It was quiet, the sun was gorgeous on the castle and we got to see the castle one more time!

The Creation Museum on the outskirts of Cincinnati (really it’s in Kentucky) is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.  We did not have time on this trip but I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the full size replica of Noah’s Ark that they are building. This is not located at the Museum (which we later understood the reason behind this) but rather 45 miles south off of Interstate 75. Although it is still an active construction site they told us that it could be seen from the road.  We were totally blown away! It is a good 2 miles off the road but it is soooo massive that at firsts we thought it was a factory. Heather took some pictures with her awesome little camera. We zoomed way in and saw people working on the Ark in bucket trucks that were fully extended and not even half way up the side of the structure. I really can’t wait until it opens.

Lunch time gave us the opportunity to try one last new thing! Naji had told us we should at least try his competitor, Skyline Chile, so we could make an educated comparison.  Since these restaurants are hard to come by outside of Ohio and Kentucky this was our last chance to test it out.  Heather ordered a coney and a 4 way and I ordered a 4-way.  It was tasty but I couldn’t make a fair comparison because I didn’t have a 4-way at Gold Star, only 3-way and I found I really love raw onions on my chile! So I guess I’ll just have to come back and try a 4-way Naji!

A few days earlier Joyce’s cord (Joyce is our GPS) had broken and we couldn’t use her. Heather was going through withdrawal symptoms without her trusty companion, and I suggested that maybe our GoPro charging cord would work. So we made another stop to get the cord out. When it worked Heather let out a cheer and so did I when I saw a Culver’s custard sign! Frozen custard is hard to come by in the Deep South so of course I took advantage of this and had a wonderful chocolate caramel bowl! Woo Hoo!!!!!

Before traversing the mountains we made one more pit stop at a Cracker Barrel.  This was supposed to be a quick bathroom break and it turned into Heather and I trying on clothes! $150 later we both leave with blouses and scarves! J

Tomorrow we will be back to the “mom life” of Two Moms and a Car. I love our travels but I also love being back with my people and sharing my adventures with them!

Until the next journey,

Courtney and Heather