My family and I just returned home from our 16th annual summer vacation with our friends from Texas.  Honestly, we had soooo much going on that we almost decided to forego the trip this year.  It may have been easier but it wouldn’t have been better.  16 years is a long time to stay friends with someone.  That is not something that we could push aside lightly just because staying home would have been easier.  So we went to an old-fashioned resort called Fairfield Bay in the Ozarks. We had a lovely relaxing time with our family and friends.

Even though it means these 4 days leading up to our next filming adventure in Nova Scotia will be very busy,  we have no regrets….. Well, I almost had 1 VERY BIG regret.  This is what happened. I scheduled a lunch for today with a friend I haven’t talked with in a while. When I arrived at the restaurant I realized I didn’t have my change purse/wallet.  It is always in my purse. Instantly, my mind started racing back to the last time I saw it.  The only thing I could remember was hanging it on a hook in a gas station bathroom (2 states away) so I could help my small daughter. I couldn’t remember if I took it with me! I instantly felt ill and a million scenarios started playing through my head.  I don’t have a license…. I need a license to rent a car in Nova Scotia.  Oh my gosh… I don’t have a credit card to rent the car! Is is possible someone found it and will overnight it? How fast can I get a new license and a new credit card?  I call my poor hubby, who immediately gets online and checks our bank statement.  Phew… no unusual activity. Then he finds the gas stations on the statement and calls them.  In the meantime I leave my friend at the restaurant and head home. I just kept thinking that I COULD NOT have done this! It had to be in the car we drove even though my hubby had already looked.  By this point I am trying not to panic (or speed!) It has also started to pour rain. I live in the Southern United States. If you have looked at the news lately you’ll know it has rained almost 20 days straight.  I arrive home and headless of the rain start searching my other vehicle.   Praise God! Hallelujah! and Yippee! it was on the floor near the passenger seat. I have no idea how it got there since I was the driver yesterday, but who cares!  I was so ecstatic that I almost did a happy dance in the rain.  Instead, I got back in the other car (after I told my hubby he could call off the search) and went back to have lunch with my friend.

I think my “need to know” from this situation is this… separate my driver’s license from my credit card and debit card. That way if I lose or have stolen one wallet I won’t have everything gone in one fail swoop.

We are still working on locations in Nova Scotia. Prince Edward Island is also coming together. I just read that 80% of Canada’s mussels come from PEI. For such a tiny place that is amazing. They have a huge focus on sustainability in all their farming practices. I am looking forward to learning more about how this small island is fairly self-sufficient.


Enjoying the Journey ( with my wallet safely in my purse!)