I recently read a Skift.com article (via TripAdvisor) about the psychology of travel. I was quite surprised how much I fit into many of the statistics it cited.

Statistic #1- 60% of women travelers feel excitement when booking their travel.

I can honestly say that I LOVE planning and booking a trip! For me, there is a wonderful feeling of excitement while researching locations, reading reviews and finding the best deals. While planning a trip to the Lake District in the UK, I stumbled upon a guest house that had once lodged William Wordsworth while he attending school in the town of Hawkshead. Staying at the same place that the renowned poet stayed as a boy and looking around to see what he saw and experience some of what he experienced was certainly an impacting, unique moment for me. This leads to the next statistic.

Statistic #2- The main goal for 66% of travelers is to have a unique and interesting experience.

I don’t ever want to just go somewhere just to say I’ve been there. I want to experience as much of what a location has to offer as possible. The Isle of Iona is a tiny island off the West Coast of Scotland in the Inner Hebrides. It is only accessible by ferry, as cars are not allowed on the island. Many people consider this a day trip. However, truly enjoying  Iona requires an overnight stay. Breathing in the peace of the island after the day-trip tourists have gone is a gloriously unique experience. (why?)

Statistic #3- 76% of travelers say that returning home from vacation prompts them to want to book another trip.

It has been my experience that coming home from a trip is certainly not as exciting as arriving at your vacation destination.  The satisfied feeling of a coming home after a good trip is great, but it does not compare to the emotional highs of planning and doing. Since, booking a trip is fun and exciting why not fight off the “after vacation let down” by starting to research your next trip. On the plane ride home from a trip to the UK, Heather and I actually planned a trip to Canada. Instead of being down about coming home, we were anticipating our next adventure and did what we needed to do to make that happen!

So many choices such as deciding to take a trip are about giving yourself permission to say yes. We as women especially may want to do something, but often find reasons not to.

So, what is holding you back from taking your next trip or that one you have always wanted to do? Set a goal, look at what would be needed to make it happen, and give yourself permission to do it.

Because listening to those old excuses is never going to give you those unique and interesting experiences.

Enjoy the Journey,