All was going well until Day 3  then things got interesting….

  1. Cameras did not arrive
  2. Credit card sent to some random person in Louisiana
  3. Child starts running a fever and vomiting
  4. Packing at midnight

Day 2 was even more interesting but ended well with yummy ice cream!

  1. 8 am …Witnessed a drug bust at a local McDonalds while getting breakfast
  2. 9 am… Woman almost wrecks her car in front of us on the interstate. We pass her to find she is reclined with her eyes closed and mouth hanging open. We call 911 and speed up to get away from her.
  3. 3pm… Found a Hardees in West Virginia that had “overflow” parking. See picture.
  4. 5pm…. Observe yet another person falling asleep at the wheel while pulling a trailer.
  5. 6pm…. While wearing shorts, we arrive in Ohio to find winter like temperatures.
  6. 7pm… Witness a deer roaming in the suburban backyard of Heather’s parents’ house.
  7. 8pm…. Handels Ice Cream…who cares if it’s 40 degrees out!  Bill Cosby has this stuff shipped to his house!
  8. 12:41 am…. Good Night!