Today, I was reminded of the importance of  keeping my feet happy. In an effort to pack light for our conference, I brought one pair of shoes that would work for both days.  A brown leather pair of wedge sandals would look very nice with both of my outfits. Unfortunately, I was thinking about style not long term comfort. I pretty much forgot that these shoes are great, even comfortable, for a few hours, but after that they start to hurt my feet. During the conference we were sitting most of the time, so it wasn’t a big deal. After the conference was a different story. My DH and I decided to do a little last minute shopping.  Walking around in stores for the next 3 hours convinced me that these  very stylish sandals would not be coming to the UK with me.  By the end of those 3 hours, my feet hurt, I was cranky and all I wanted to do was go home so I could get those stupid shoes off my feet! I realized that if my feet hurt , at all, then the rest of me would be miserable.

The lesson here is this: Choose comfort when picking out shoes for an international trip. I know, this seems like a no brainer, but when we start packing our suitcases things change. The style conscience side of us wants to look great at all costs, and the practical side of us seems to take a back seat. So, ask yourself a few questions about the shoes you want to bring.

– Have I worn these ALL day without my feet hurting?

– Are they practical for the types of things I’ll do on my trip?

– Will they work with most of the wardrobe I’m bringing?

I’m not going to tell you how many pairs of shoes to bring.  We’re women, we love shoes! For me, I want to leave as much room as possible to bring back the cool things I find on my trips. So,I try to bring shoes that, I know without a doubt, are comfortable all day, work for the weather I’ll encounter, and will go with most of the wardrobe I’m bringing.

What are your favorite travel shoes? The ones that you would never leave home without.

Enjoy the journey,