As we sit here at Roadside Willie’s in Truro, Nova Scotia we are a world away from where we woke up. Yesterday consisted of Heather picking up her son at camp and me running a myriad of errands. Then we both had to pack and drive to stay overnight closer to the airport for our early morning flight. The flights to Nova Scotia went fairly smoothly. US Airways gave us a hard time about my small carry-on. This actually contained ALL of our camera equipment. We were told that it would cause a weight and balance issue and I would have to gate check the bag.  So I just removed most of the contents and stuck it in another bag and BROUGHT it on the plane with me. The mostly empty carry-on went under the plane to assure the weight and balance issue would be resolved and all the HEAVY equipment came with me!

Upon arriving in Halifax we rented our car, a white Mitsubishi Lancer, that we have named Blanca.  Here is a travel tip for you.  We didn’t have a GPS with Canada maps so we put out a call on Facebook to borrow one from a friend.  Within minutes we had secured our GPS. Thanks Steve!!

On route to the coast we stopped for Canadian cash and lunch off the highway. There was a Tim Hortons which was started by a hockey player from Nova Scotia. It is kind of like a Dunkin Donuts. The coffee and donuts smelled great but the lunch menu didn’t call to us. There was a sign next door that did catch our eye.  McLobster Is Back! Yes! McLobster is a special sandwich served at the McDonald’s in this region. So while we normally would not eat somewhere we could eat at home, especially McDonald’s, who could resist a McLobster?  It is actually similar to a chicken salad sandwich… mayo, celery, onions and lobster meat. Not too bad really. It was worth trying at least.


(Heather) We set off on the back roads of Nova Scotia in the direction of Burntcoat Head lighthouse on the Bay of Fundy.  It is pretty barren out there! Very pretty…rolling hills and forests. Joyce the GPS didn’t really know where the lighthouse was, or where we were part if the time, so we had to stop and ask a nice Canadian gentlemen where the lighthouse was, and it was right around the corner.  We arrived at Burntcoat Head at low tide. This bay is home to the world’s most extreme tide changes. At the lighthouse, Len Wagg, a local photographer, met us to tell us about the place, and also to discuss his work, especially his time-lapse photos of the tides. He shot a 24-hour sequences of 4,000 shots, which allows the viewer to see 2 full tide cycles in about 2 minutes! Inside the lighthouse, we were welcomed by Caroline and Neil. Neil told us the history of the lighthouse. After climbing to the lantern area for some great panoramic views, Len led us down a trail to the “beach,”  which is actually the ocean floor. It was an almost surreal picture of colors and textures….red rock formations, pine trees clinging to cliffs, bright green seaweed, glistening tidal pools, brown slippery mud. I did fall victim to the slippery mud, literally….twice. Too bad Courtney did not catch that on film! But I have the muddy knees to prove it! Len told us about a really cool race, which all you runners should know about! It is called the “Not Since Moses” race – a 10K and a 5K across the bay at low tide… major difference is that it is not exactly DRY land! He said runners fall and finish covered in mud, but it is a blast for everyone. We had a great time exploring with Len – THANKS, Len!


As we walked back up through the paths to the lighthouse, we were surrounded by thickets of briars…but good ones! The smell of the roses was everywhere, and many of the  bushes held wild raspberries, just ready to pick and eat.  So these briars provided fresh smells and tastes for us as we wandered back up the cliff to the lighthouse again.  We drove along a coastal road on the Bay of Fundy, weaving our way to the town of Truro for dinner. We ate at Roadside Willie’s Smokehouse. Did not look like much from the outside…attached to a bowling alley actually.  But we had read reviews on Tripadvisor, and it sounded great, and it was. The 1-hour trip back down to the Halifax area was on an interstate-type highway. Very,  very desolate, though!! No lights, no billboards, no houses…nothing.


Back at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Dartmouth, just north of Halifax, we got checked in. I rinsed the mud out of my jeans, Courtney cleaned mud off her shoes, and we got settled in. Tomorrow promises to be another adventure….this time, involving motorcycle side cars!!! Stayed tuned…..



Enjoying the journey, a little muddy…


Heather and Courtney