My hubby is one of the most creative, intelligent, goofy guys I know.  He is also the poster child for thinking outside the box.  On our last trip I shared about my DIY camera bag.  Even though that was my idea, my hubby figured out how to construct it. This trip we wanted something to keep our tiny GoPro Cameras more stable. They are so small and light ( which is wonderful) that we have to be super careful with our movements while we are filming.  He did a little research online and found several solutions. Most of them were too bulky, too heavy, or wouldn’t arrive in the mail before we left. Mr. Think Outside the Box to the rescue!  We found a design we liked so he took a trip to the local building/hardware store and bought the materials.   He bought a small plastic electrical box, two small curved pieces of grey pvc and two bicycle handlebar grips.  The grips slide onto the pvc and the pvc sticks into the little box. They are snug but movable and removable so we can disassemble it for travel.

You might be wondering how you attatch the camera to this contraption. Well, I did too! I thought he was going to drill a hole or something. Nope! He dug through his box of GoPro camera accessories that we don’t use and found a couple super sticky camera mounting plates.  I had actually forgotten we even had them since I NEVER use them.  It always made me nervous to temporarily put something with a sticky back on something else.  The thought of having to clean off the stickiness was unappealing.  My hubby has assured me that the sticky mounts don’t leave a residue but I’m not convinced. I’ve cleaned too many of my kid’s stickers off of furniture to trust anything “sticky.” The product of being a mom a suppose.  He stuck (permanently!) the mounting plates on the top and bottom so we have a couple of positions from which to film.  I think it turned out well. My son thought it looked like bull’s horns. He demonstrated his point by putting them on his head.  Yes, he is right, they kind of do look like bull’s horns. Oh Well! We might get some questions when we go through airport security. That’s okay too. In the end if it helps keep our footage looking beautiful it’s worth it

Enjoying the Journey ( with my wonderful outside-of-the-box-thinker!)


p.s. We just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary 🙂