Someone asked me yesterday how we decide where we go on our trips.  Well, I would say we go places that grab our attention.  This can play out several different ways.  A location may grab our attention because of its history. For instance, I love Charleston, SC. It doesn’t matter how many times I have been there, it always grabs my heart. So many interesting events in US history happened there!  Not to mention you have your pick of awesome food! So for our upcoming trip to the UK we could not resist  North Wales.  Edward I built an amazing number of castles there, in his quest to subdue the Welsh.  I seriously can’t wait to touch the stones of Conwy castle!

Another way a place could call to us would be through the people there.  Heather has been to Stratford- Upon- Avon before.  It is a fairly small town, so once you have visited all the historic Shakespeare locations  you’ve seen them and you’re good to go.  So the wealth of history is not what draws us back there. It is the people. Specifically, Peter and Ruth Halford at the Ambleside Guest House.  Over the years Heather has developed a sweet friendship with this lovely couple. Peter calls Heather, ” Mrs. Sticky Toffee Pudding” because its her favorite dessert in the UK!  ( I agree it is amazing and it will be the first thing I order for dessert next Sunday!!) So, whenever Heather goes to the UK she tries her best to stay with Peter and Ruth for at least one night.

One more way we find places to visit is by asking other travelers or looking at online feedback . We’ve been told by several people that we should visit the Lake District in England and the city of York in England.  After, doing a bit of online research on travel blogs, Trip Advisor, magazines, and local tourist sites we decided to make those places part of our trip. We also share our itinerary with friends who travel. Often, they may suggest another location that we haven’t thought of. This happened recently when Heather showed our itinerary to a fellow teacher.  She noticed we would be very near the Isle of Iona and suggested that we try to fit it in.  Now, that part of the trip looks like it will be my favorite. The pictures are all from Iona.  It looks unreal in its beauty.

Enjoy the journey,