It’s just over a week before Heather and I will be flying to the UK.  Amazingly, my DH and I got  to take an overnight trip for a conference, sans kiddos. It really isn’t that often that we go off on our own so we are thankful and excited when it happens. When we arrived at our hotel my hubs grabbed and orange. I thought, ” Ok he must be hungry, or just craving an orange”.   As soon as we got to the room he started to peel the orange . I’m thinking he really can’t wait to have this orange. Is this some kind of special orange? What is up with this?  The thing he did next actually started to concern me. He took the peels and laid them on the air conditioning unit.  “What in the world are you doing?” He said to me, ” I am going to make the room smell better”.  At this point I am less concerned and more intrigued. Sure enough the minute he stuck the orange peels on the unit the room started smelling like citrus.  I asked him where he learned this trick and he told me it was in college.  He would make his, not so fresh smelling, dorm room tolerable with this trick.  Then he excitedly said, ” You can share my travel tip on your blog!”

     I share that story just to brag a bit on my DH. He is totally, 100% supportive of me. I’m so thankful that I get to go on this amazing travel adventure, but I am even more thankful for my family who encourages and supports me.  Yes, I enjoy every minute that I am exploring a new place. No, I am not overwhelmed with missing my family.  Yes, I am excited and energized to see them when I get home. That is what travel does for me.  I come back ready to be a better wife and mother. 

Enjoy the journey,


 P.S.    If you have any tips for getting a hotel room unstinky please leave them in the comments.