Heather and I want to give a huge shout out of thanks to all the people who participated in the pilot test groups. The Wales pilot episode of Two Moms and a Car has been tweaked and revised through all of the wonderful feedback that you gave us. We really wanted to give our audience the kind of travel show that they wanted to see and your comments helped us do just that! Even though it appears that Two Moms and a Car is geared toward women travelers we really want to make sure that it appeals to everyone who loves to travel. The positive feedback that we have received from both male and teen viewers help us know that Two Moms and a Car is entertaining for a broad spectrum of viewers. Thank you so much!!
So what is next for the Two Moms? Well, along with our daily lives as moms and teachers, we are going to start editing our next episode. Episode number 2 of Two Moms and a Car is….(drum roll please) Inveraray, Scotland! I recently saw a segment of a show on tv that featured the Duke and Duchess of Argyll along with Inveraray Castle. Inveraray is an amazing place and seeing it again reminded me that our episode is going to be fabulous. Heather and I are super excited  to get this episode started!

If you were part of a test group we would love to hear about your favorite parts of the Wales episode in the comments!

Enjoying the journey and our finished pilot!!