People travel for a variety of reasons; work, school, vacation, visiting family, holidays, all of which serve a purpose and in some way enrich our lives.  I was given the opportunity to travel over Thanksgiving to Iowa. Why Iowa in the winter? It is not exactly a glamorous destination. The answer to that question is what the Christmas season is all about. Generosity. During Christmas we are generous with our gifts to others. Most people are more generous with their attitudes toward those around them. We are also generous with our time. Many people give of their time to those in need, to our service men and women, and to numerous charity events.So back to Iowa… I flew to the frozen windy tundra to simply be an extra set of hands for my pregnant sister-in-law, her infant, and four year old son, to fly to the warm South for the holidays.  That’s it.  My trip wasn’t newsworthy or even very interesting. But for my sister-in-law it made the difference between a pleasant trip and a nightmare. I gave a few days of my time and a bit of my experience as a traveler. It wasn’t a big deal to anyone else except my sister-in-law.

Who says that our generosity has to affect millions? When we are generous to those around us, that generosity can spread. One person at a time. In small ways. Buy the random stranger behind you line at the coffee shop a mocha, help someone carry their groceries up to the third floor of the apartment building, or give up your first class seat on the plane to the young mom holding the baby.  There are thousands of little ways to effect change. If we all just did one thing imagine how generosity can spread.

So whether you are traveling or staying home this Christmas season remember that generosity is contagious and our world could use a whole lot more of it.

Enjoy the journey,