About Courtney Godsey

Courtney Godsey has previously produced and scripted the award-winning, internationally broadcast TV series Fun Food Adventures for TBN. The show was broadcast to 129 million households in the US and to 3 billion households worldwide. The series led the ratings for that network for several years and drew in a diverse age group of viewers due to the superb scripting that appealed to both children and adults. Courtney has worked behind the camera for over 15 years and has an extensive background in travel logistics and resource management. She now co-hosts the tv show Two Moms and a Car and shares travel tips and her journals in the sites blog.

Rain, Sun… Repeat

After a fantastic albeit short night’s rest at the Mount Haven Hotel, Heather and I feasted on a hearty Full English as we prepared for our soggy day in […]

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Castles and Caravans

We set out from Peter and Ruth’s, equipped with a box of Cadbury chocolates from them. Peter, you always take such good care of us! It was a […]

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UK arrival….soggy but still wonderful

Our flight over was great! Minor bumps here and there…nothing like the 90 solid minutes of turbulence from last time. Glen MacDonald was the head steward, and he […]

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Maple Leaf Lounging

The two moms are back on the road, or back in the air as the case may be! Our next adventure will take us to Cornwall and Devon […]

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She made me eat snails!

In this quick interview, Courtney and Heather share some of the highs and lows of travel – all part of keeping it real. […]

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My reaction to “Psychology Behind US Travelers”

I recently read a article (via TripAdvisor) about the psychology of travel. I was quite surprised how much I fit into many of the statistics it cited.

Statistic #1- […]

Experience Travel that Changes You

Experiential travel…

That is a buzzword tossed around in the travel industry right now. It feels natural for Heather and me to immerse ourselves in the culture of a place. […]

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Travel Generously

People travel for a variety of reasons; work, school, vacation, visiting family, holidays, all of which serve a purpose and in some way enrich our lives.  I was given […]

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HUGE thanks to our test viewers!

Heather and I want to give a huge shout out of thanks to all the people who participated in the pilot test groups. The Wales pilot episode of Two […]

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P.E.I. Day 8 – Anne and a Few Foxes

Rain… Rain… Go AWAY! It was pouring this morning when we headed out to the Green Gables House! It is just literally a 5 minute walk from the Kindred […]

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